5 Tips on How To Buy the Best Travel Insurance cover in Kenya

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How to Choose A Travel Insurance Plan in Kenya That Protects Your Health And Your Trip Expenses! Evacuation Coverage. Protection Anywhere.


Travelling the world is about fanning your curiosity for new experiences, to discover new places, learn vital life skills, and in the process be prepared for loads of anticipation, excitement, adventure, and thrill!

Travel is also about handling unexpected situations. Having to deal with all kinds of pleasant and not-so-pleasant circumstances is something that everyone would have faced while travelling. That is why having travel insurance in Kenya is so necessary. It keeps you protected from a whole lot of untoward incidents so you can focus on making the most of your trip.

To ensure that your travel insurance plan covers you adequately when you need it, here are some valuable tips. These tips will help you choose a travel insurance policy that is right for your travel needs.

Follow These Tips For Buying A Suitable Travel Insurance Policy

Tip # 1 –

Pick A Policy As Per Your Destination Requirement

One of the main points to consider while buying a travel insurance policy is whether it offers you destination specific cover. For example, if you are travelling to the US then your travel insurance plan should have adequate medical expenses cover so you don’t have to shell out from your pocket in case of a medical emergency. Likewise if you intend to travel to any of the Schengen countries in Europe then purchasing Schengen travel insurance is mandatory for being issued a Schengen visa.

Various parts of the world have different travel rules and laws. As a traveller from India, you need to ensure that your travel insurance policy covers you according to the requirements of your travel destination. ICICI Lombard General Insurance (Bharti AXA General Insurance*) offers travel insurance plans specifically designed for travel to Schengen, US and Canada and to Asian countries.

Tip # 2 –

Check For Adequate Medical Coverage

Covering your medical care and hospital expenses should you unfortunately fall sick or have an accident while travelling in a foreign country, is perhaps the single biggest protection that travel insurance offers. So while comparing plans you should ensure that your travel insurance policy gives you comprehensive medical cover.

Some of the medical cover benefits to look out for while buying a travel insurance policy:

  • Medical expenses including repatriation to India
  • Emergency medical evacuation in case of severe injury or illness
  • Dental treatment expenses for treatment that is non-cosmetic in nature
  • Personal accident expenses
  • Accidental death / partial or total permanent disability while abroad
  • Daily allowance in case of hospitalization

Tip # 3 –

Ensure Policy and Traveler Type Compatibility

While choosing a suitable travel insurance plan check whether the policy coverage meets the needs of the travelers whom it is meant for. For insurance if your elderly parents are planning a family visit to the US, then a regular travel insurance plan may not measure up to their specific requirements. The elderly requires special care when travelling overseas, which is why you should opt for a senior citizen travel insurance plan to secure their trip.

If you have decided to go on a family holiday abroad then you should opt for a family travel insurance plan. A family floater policy will cover the policyholder, spouse and two dependent children below the age of 23 years.

Then there is the frequent traveler category. If you are a frequent traveler then going in for a multi-trip or frequent traveler insurance policy will definitely be more beneficial.

Tip # 4 –

Do Not Overlook the Travel Cover Benefits

While the medical coverage provided in a travel insurance policy is very important, you should also check that the plan covers you from travel exigencies. Some of the important travel cover benefits to look for while choosing a suitable travel insurance plan are coverage against:

  • Loss of passport and important documents
  • Delay or loss of checked in baggage
  • Trip delays, cancellation, and interruption
  • Missed connection
  • Financial Emergency Assistance

Tip # 5 –

Check The Exclusions in The Travel Insurance Policy

It is possible that you need travel insurance in Kenya to cover you for a pre-existing illness or to safeguard your home in India from robbery or a disaster such as a fire, while you are away travelling in another country.  If such scenarios are not included in your travel insurance policy, you may want to purchase an add-on cover for the same. That is why it is important to check the list of exclusions in the policy, so you are not left unprotected in the event of a mishap.


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