How To Start a Travel Agency Business in Kenya

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With more and more people wanting to travel so as to discover their country and other countries, the travel agency business in Kenya is growing to be one of the most profitable ones in Kenya.

To start a travel agency business in Kenya, you mustn’t have a fleet of cars, buses, planes or jets. Just become a certified partner with an already established tour company, select the best places for customers to visit and let your customers sign up for the trip.

Your profit in a travel agency business is the difference of the amount customers pay to you, and what you paid to the company. With time, you could earn enough money to buy your own buses, planes and jets.

Requirements for starting up a travel agency business in Kenya

To start your own travel agency, you’ll need to do the following things:

Know Your Clients

You can’t simply start a travel agency business, without first knowing the calibre of clients you would like to cater to. Are they locals or international individuals? You will also need to know the kind of locations your clients will enjoy travelling to and also know any unexplored locations they might enjoy.

Pre-Visit Travel Destinations

You’ll need to pre-visit travel locations before you can take your clients to those places. Pre visits are important because it lets you know the distance to each location, duration of travel, costs, etc so that you can know what your clients should expect, and help you be better equipped when you are preparing them.

These visits also help you familiarize yourself with hotels, restaurants, and other areas of interest like tourist attractions and archaeological sites that your clients will enjoy going to. Ultimately, you could build a rapport and even partner with those places.

Build Connections

Have a well-packaged portfolio of all your connections. From hoteliers to air hosts, restaurant owners, tour guides, etc, you should have a connection and build a good lasting business relationship with them.

If you have a smooth business relationship with these other service providers, it will be easier for you to negotiate on travel and hotel packages, will you will integrate the services you will provide like transport and the services they will provide, such as accommodation, tour guides, game drives, food and standardize the entire cost of your travel package.

Remember, the best way to get people to patronize you will be to stick to the average market price for your services, compared to your competitors. Don’t charge too high so as to not pocket too much money and don’t rip off your clients.

Know Your Transportation

As a travel agent, you will have to have a standard means of transportation for your clients’ trips. Will it be a bus, van, plane, etc, depending on the size of your group. Whatever it is, make sure to have it ready.

Nevertheless, it is important that you know so that you could either hire a means of transportation or have your own means of transportation means.

Find An Office Location

For the sake of having a place where people can consult you, have an office. Your office can be either virtual (online) or physical. It doesn’t have to be too big, it just needs to contain an administrator or consultant, and also for legitimacy purposes, to settle legal matters.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Certification

If you intend to sell air tickets through your tours and travel agency, then you need to undertake an IATA diploma. An IATA diploma will offer you credibility when you are dealing with travel partners and suppliers in the industry. It is also advisable to get a membership with relevant travel and tours association to inspire confidence and integrity in your tours and travel agency business.

Additionally, a valid IATA diploma will equip you with the skills to advise clients, make reservations and travel arrangements, calculate airfares and complete standard international travel documents in compliance with IATA procedures and rules. Get your IATA diploma so as to have credibility over your competitors.

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