Factors to Consider When Choosing Satellite Internet Service Providers in Kenya

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Satellite Internet Service Providers in Kenya


Most businesses and even homes need both electricity and water, but for most people, having an active connection to the web is just as important as having power and running water. Business owners typically use the Internet for everything from customer communications (e.g., emails, VoIP, etc.) to credit cards processing.


Without an online presence, some businesses simply cannot function. Home use of the web has become increasingly popular among both business and personal uses. This is because of the growing popularity of online video streaming services and social networks. This post aims to help you choose satellite internet service providers in Kenya for your business or home by highlighting some of the important factors to consider.



Unfortunately, this is one of the most important factors when choosing between urban and rural areas. If you don’t get fast Internet access from your ISP, then you won’t be able to use the Internet for anything. There are often just a few choices for most people when it comes to internet service providers. Usually, there’s one choice that offers both cable TV and high speed internet access, and another choice that provides only high speed internet access.



You need to ensure that you have enough speed so that you don’t slow down the user experience during peak times. Some people consider speed to be the most important factor when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They just want the fastest internet they’re able to afford. It depends entirely on where you live and what services or products you offer. When comparing plans, the bandwidth (or speed) you’re looking at is called the “bandwidth”. Bandwidth is the rate at which data moves through a communication channel.


Some customers may be able to connect at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps while others may be limited to speeds of 3 to 6 Mbps. And even if the speed is listed, don’t assume that’s the speed you’re going to receive. You should definitely check with nearby businesses to see what kind speeds they’re able to achieve.



To be useful for you, an Internet service provider (ISP) must have a good combination of speed and cost. If you run a small business from your house, then $1,000 per year for a dedicated fiber line might not be worth it for you. Some companies don’t care so much about the price as they do about the speed and quality of service. A $1,000-per-person monthly dedicated Internet connection might be a no-brainier for a growing small business that has 25 people working there. You’ll need to consider both the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether or not to use them.


Type of Connection


The speed at which the Internet feels depends on the kind of connection you use. Satellite Internet is notorious for its slow speed, even though it has decent download speeds (up to 25 Mbps on HughesNet). The reason for this is pure physics. Your signal is transmitted by satellites orbiting Earth at an altitude of approximately 22,000 miles. Once the request has been made, the satellites in orbit contact a network center to find out where the requested content is located. Information from the satellite is then sent back to Earth where it is received by your phone. At the rate of light, this process would take almost half a second plus any additional processing time on both the client and the serverside.

It may not sound like much, but by making sure each action takes at least 1/2 second longer than usual, it seems slower when you’re accustomed to a faster connection. By contrast, even though the latency on 4G LTE signals is around 100 ms compared to 400+ ms for satellites, they’re still faster than 3G networks. Fiber offers much lower latency than traditional Ethernet cables, often under 20 ms.


When selecting an ISP, reliability is probably the most important thing to consider. It’s not good if your internet connection is unreliable because then you won’t be able to access the internet at If you run an online store, it’s important to consider whether your ISP provides a service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees uptime. An SLA is an agreement between two companies about the reliability of their network connections.

Reliable customer service goes hand-in-hands with good customer relations. Even if the connection is perfect, there will be some kind of problem at some point. It doesn’t matter whether it’s dying hardwares or physically damaged lines; they’re both going to break at some point. Customer satisfaction depends on how quickly they can help you get back online.

Most businesses cannot afford to wait several days for new equipment to arrive. A good service requires a high level of service and a bad service doesn’t understand that.

Your Satellite Internet Service Providers (ISP) choice is probably the most significant factor when choosing an internet connection for your house or office. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of the different factors that should be considered when deciding whether to buy or not.

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