How to Shop For the best CRM Software for Real Estate

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CRM Software for Real Estate Buying Guide: Are you ready to transform your real estate business into a highly efficient operation?

 You may not think so but over 80% of all real estate transactions are handled manually. That makes managing everything from listing to sales and repairs a huge pain point for agents and brokers everywhere. While CRM solutions like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive etc can automate some processes, they fall short when it comes to handling multiple listings simultaneously.


 In order to streamline operations for both buyers and sellers, you need to find the right tool that does so much more than just manage leads and contacts. Here are 5 key criteria to look for when buying the best CRM Software for real estate:

 #1 – User Interface & Experience

 It doesn’t matter how powerful a solution is, if it takes too long to learn or if the user interface is confusing, nobody will adopt it. For real estate professionals, every minute counts.

 #2 – Custom Filters

 While automation is a big part of the equation, it’s also critical to make sure that you can customize your workflow based on specific situations. What if you’re in the middle of a transaction and a buyer requests more information on the property before he signs? Or maybe you’ve received a number of questions from a particular client recently and you’d like to prioritize answering his queries ahead of others.

 #3 – Integration With Multiple Apps

 Today’s real estate agent needs to juggle dozens of apps. Whether it’s a lead management app, a listing manager, or a dashboard, having access to all the tools you need is crucial hence the need to have CRM Software for your Real Estate business


 #4 – Mobile Accessibility

 Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular among real estate professionals. According to the NAR survey mentioned earlier, 63% of respondents said they were planning to upgrade their mobile device within the next 12 months.

 #5 – Data Security

 With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, real estate professionals must be able to access data securely from anywhere and anytime.


These days, technology plays a vital role in transforming everything we do. When choosing a CRM system for your real estate business, make sure that it meets these 5 criteria.

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