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Content Marketing Strategies For Small Business that Actually Work

Are you currently struggling to attract quality leads to your small business? In this article we look at the latest content marketing strategies for your small business in 2023

Here are the latest content marketing strategies for your small business in 2023

  1. Identify your target audience: You need to know who you are trying to reach with your content. Once you have a clear picture of your target audience, you can create content that resonates with them.
  2. Create a content calendar: Plan out the content you want to create and publish in advance. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you are consistently publishing new content.
  3. Create valuable and informative content: Your content should provide value to your audience and help them solve a problem or learn something new.
  4. Use social media to promote your content: Share your content on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Engage with your followers and respond to comments and messages.
  5. Repurpose your content: Don’t be afraid to reuse your content in different formats. For example, you can turn a blog post into a video or a podcast episode.
  6. Collaborate with influencers and industry experts: Partnering with influencers and industry experts can help you reach a new audience and establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  7. Use email marketing: Email marketing can be a highly effective way to reach your audience and promote your content. Segment your email list and send targeted messages to different groups of subscribers.

By following these strategies, you can effectively use content marketing to promote your small business and attract new customers.

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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya To Invest in 2021

If you have a lot of start-up capital or access to investors that will invest in your company, you may want to consider these 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya To Invest in 2021


If you don’t have access to investors or have the will to seek investment, then these business ideas in Kenya may not be for you.

Now let’s jump into the latest business ideas in Kenya to invest your money in 2021.

1. Start Electric Car Charging Station Provider
Another business ideas in Kenya that has the potential to be a billion-dollar company and related to renewable energy is the electric car charging station provider.
As you drive down the roads in Kenya right now, you can see some common names among all the gas station providers.
In five to ten years, many of them could change to electric car charging stations as the growing demand and supply of electric cars grows.
To capitalize on this change, you could start a company that would charge people a per watt or kilowatt fee for charging their car at the station.
Another route for these business ideas in Kenya would be to provide the electric car charging stations in condo units and parking shades on a fee per kilowatt or watt of electricity basis, instead of relying on technology to improve so people can charge their electric cars faster, within a few minutes.

SEOProof Limited for SEO Services in Kenya

SEOProof Limited for SEO Services in Kenya

2. Start Internet Connection Service
There is still massive growth for the internet to come, and many experts are saying it will come from the emerging economies around the globe. As more and more countries develop their infrastructures and improve the standards of living, access to a computer and the internet become necessary and almost inevitable.
Once these areas start getting online, it will create a lot more growth online. There are millions of people “in the dark” when it comes to having an internet connection.
But before this massive internet user growth happens, there needs to be the infrastructure in place for people to be able to connect to the internet. This is where you could create a business that works with the local and federal governments of the emerging markets to develop their internet infrastructure. Deals around infrastructure setup and a fee charged for a certain set number of years could be an attractive deal for a company like this. As well, this company would have the potential to grow all around the world, as there are new emerging markets everywhere.

3. Electric Car Manufacturer
Electric cars are becoming more and more popular and will eventually become the standard when it comes to what is driven on the road.

Some places in Europe and even including the U.K. want to place a ban on all gas and diesel driven vehicles by a certain date. Leaving only electric cars and other more innovative and renewable solutions to be driven on the road.
If you wanted to enter a business around renewable energy, start a big business and take advantage of this growing change in what people drive, you should really consider starting an electric car manufacturing company. When thinking about this business idea in Kenya, you’ll want to consider how you will position your car in the market. Will it be a luxury vehicle? Will it be a low-cost car? Maybe you’ll position it for the middle class as there aren’t that many nice options.

4. Start Food and Restaurant Blockchain Company

Now that blockchain technology is out there, it has the ability to revolutionize industries by allowing for greater transparency.
The food and restaurant industry is the perfect industry to disrupt with blockchain because people are always concerned about what they are putting in their body.
By assembling a team of blockchain developers, you could develop a blockchain technology that works with suppliers, grocers, and restaurants to show the supplier of these places. That way it would be easily accessible for consumers to know exactly where things came from and it is verified by a third-party source, instead of simply trusting what the restaurant says.
The blockchain would verify where each product came from by setting up software on the suppliers’ side. This would be beneficial for the supplier too because they could have their products demanded around the world if they are credible and quality sellers.

5. Start Senior’s Care Services: Aging in Place
Given the relative affluence of the baby-boomer generation, these has created a wealth of opportunities for senior-oriented businesses.

There are many different types of businesses that can take advantage of this growing market, including driving and delivery services, catering, cleaning, and landscaping.
There are also various senior care franchise opportunities available if you prefer not to develop a business from scratch. Pet sitting for seniors who travel, and dog walking for those who are unable to exercise their dogs are other possible opportunities.
To stay in their homes seniors need various modifications to their living spaces to cope with diminished mobility, hearing, and eyesight.
For those skilled in construction this opens up opportunities for the installation of safety flooring, bathroom aids, wheelchair access modifications, alarms, etc.

6. Start Niche Virtual Assistant (VA) Business
There are many virtual assistant companies out there such as 24/7 virtual assistant, Worldwide101, and Belay to name a few. However, I have heard several friends complain about the available niche assistants. For example, in the financial sector, having a virtual assistant that is well versed in financial terminology is important. The finance industry is just one, however, legal is another industry where in-depth knowledge is crucial.
The business idea here is for a VA business where certain niche business owners could go to, and hire the EXACT virtual assistant they are looking for. Some of the current competitors allow you to pick who you want to hire, or they try to match you within a system of thousands of potential matches.

Unfortunately, since they are not niche specific, you don’t know how deep that VA’s knowledge really is until you hire them. For lawyers and financial advisors, they cannot risk their reputation. In this business you would need to create a website, and get VAs to sign-up to your site. Since it is based online (virtually) you should consider some online ads like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

7. Start Home cleaning business
This is a common low-cost business idea in Kenya that will be around forever. The competition is higher, but it is a staple business that many people will continue to need and have.
Since it is a service-based business that operates at the client’s home, your marketing could begin with door-to-door sales, and this could be done in your evenings.
8. Furniture resell company
This is another business idea that has a lot of competition, but there is also a lot of demand for second-hand and refurbished furniture. What also makes this company so great is that you can start it for next to nothing.
9. Chatbot consultant
Chatbots are growing in demand year over year. They are used to provide a range of different purposes such as marketing for events, providing customer service, and selling products and services. Many businesses can benefit from implementing an a chatbot for their website, and that is where you could come in.
If you have an interest in building bots with artificial intelligence, or have experience in coding, you could build these for company websites as a consultant. Since this is a service-based business using knowledge, you can start it with minimum startup costs.

10. Instagram ads & influencer consultant
Instagram is a growing platform that is showing much more significant growth and user watch time than Facebook and Snapchat. With all that user growth comes the potential for companies to market their products and services to the users. And a large segment of that advertising is now being spent on influencer marketing.
This business would involve reaching out to potential or current Instagram influencers and building a relationship with them for a fee to advertise products and services in your portfolio. Then once you have a network and prices, you can add a margin and then approach businesses to use your network to advertise their products and services.


Do you own a business and don’t have a website? If your answer to this question is yes. It’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. Contact us now and we will get you started.

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