Business Sales Growth Strategies in Kenya

Worldwide, companies have been trying to increase their sales figures through various Business Sales Growth Strategies . Many people have turned into full time consultants by developing successful businesses from helping companies improve their sales figures. Despite all these available resources, many businesses don’t see the benefits of using them. A business may go through several iterations before finding something that works well for them.


What if getting leads didn’t require a business owner to jump through hoops or spend exorbitant amounts of money? If increasing a company’s sales could be as easy as looking at some basic things and implementing straightforward solutions, why wouldn’t everyone do it? According to Mr Fredick, CEO & Founder SEOProof Limited  simplicity is key when it comes to effective Business Sales Growth Strategies in Kenya. Here, he provide some tips for increasing sales without making things complicated through the 9 latest Business Sales Growth Strategies in Kenya

1. Consider Customers’ Business Drivers

To generate new leads, focus your marketing efforts on customers’ business needs. Conduct qualitative interviews with them to understand their key challenges, and then explain how your company is uniquely positioned to address those challenges. Business leaders need to be highly responsive to their customer’s current objectives to maintain their positions in the market and drive revenue.

2. Be Present With Clients And Prospects

Sometimes referred to as a “participative” sport, sales is a business activity where people interact with one another. It’s not just Make sure you’re always available for your clientele. Consider these two questions when interacting with others: What else can I do to help this person? And how can I be of greater service? These questions will help you stay focused on the needs of the other person so you can create mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Look At Product-To-Market Fit

There are various tactical and strategic methods. Before diving into the tactical aspects of growth hacking, I’d recommend first assessing whether your product-to-customer fit is good enough for you to continue pursuing. Differentiating yourself from competitors by offering solutions to key issues will certainly be helpful for increasing your business’ revenues. Tactics can follow suit to execute.

4. Have A Unique Value Proposition

To be successful, you need to offer something that no one else offers. If you provide a perfect solution for a problem and there are lots of competitors offering similar solutions, it may be difficult to increase your sales. When you provide real benefits to your clients, they’ll be loyal to you.

5. Have Consistent Marketing Strategies

Business does not always boom! Make sure you get consistent marketing strategies in place so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. For instance, create your own videos; you will develop your own style that will be natural. Or, write and publish it yourself. You will have more free advantages at your fingertips than any other business owner in history!

6. Focus On Existing Customers

Keep in touch regularly by phone, email, or social media. Ask them how things are going for them personally and professionally. You should also try to provide added value to your services. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask them if they’ve heard of someone else who might need your services, and make referring people super easy.

7. Upsell An Additional Service

If you’re selling something else, upsell them another product or service. For instance, in our web design company, we found out that most clients needed marketing services when they launched their projects. We started selling our PR services to them as an add-on and most people buy it because it complements their original services. It has generated additional revenue for our business from nothing.

8. Conduct A Website Audit

Run a website audit. Look at your Google Analytics and do a competitor analysis. Find areas where you can improve with SEO and user experience. You can bring in new sales by jumping from a keyword position on the second page of Google to the first page. Don’t let your internet presence slip.

9. Have A Clear CTA

Make sure there’s always a clear CTA on every touchpoint with your customer. Are you networking? If they’re interested, leave them a message with a URL for scheduling a phone call. Do you pass out branded brochures? Make sure your visitors know why they’re visiting your site and what they should expect when they get there. Put your URL on all of your social media channels and business listings. It’s so simple but yet so often overlooked by many business owners

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