10 Hacks on How to build a consistent Brand in Kenya


Whether you are on social media, or you have a sleek website or you have a consistent brand aesthetic online, all is not enough. In this article we discuss 10 Hacks on How to build a consistent Brand in Kenya

99% of entrepreneurs in Kenya fail because they don’t build a BRAND, even if they had a good product or service.


Here are 10 simple Hacks on How to consistently build a brand in Kenya


  • Have a reason to exist & a problem you’re solving

If you’re not solving a problem, there’s no reason to exist. Solving problems makes it easy to add value, and in turn, lowers the barrier to purchase.

Its why Apple can sell a $2,000 laptop & Dyson can sell a $600 straightener.


  • A story to relate to — the “Why?”

Chances are, someone can buy your product or service from 18 other brands, apps, or vendors. Why yours? Be unapologetic in your storytelling. It’s what sets you apart and keeps you top of mind.

It’s why you choose McDonald’s> Burger King.

  • A sense of community & belonging

Everyone wants a place to belong or something to make them feel wholesome — it’s why we love team sports!

Events, a digital group, dinners, or just knowing you can go talk to the other person wearing MadHappy, its clear, people want community.

  • Offer an amazing product, not a good product.


You can’t be a brand with just using stock imagery, and it goes the same for product. In a world with 274 serums, yours needs to work even better to survive.

  • A content engine: earned, owned, and paid.

If you’re not putting out content, you’re losing. People consume what was posted in the last 24 hours. Test rigorously on all 3:

Earned: UGC, Press, influencers

Owned: organic social + website

Paid: ads

  • A deep understanding of your customer is Key.

Just knowing their gender, location & age aren’t enough. You’re speaking with humans, not robots.

Get to know:

  • where do they consume content
  • what apps are on their phone
  • who do they follow Know them inside & out!

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  • Unique messaging and visual identity.

Standing apart in your messaging and product is just as important as visually standing out.

If you can’t differentiate yourself in a feed or on a shelf, your hard work goes unnoticed. Look to fashion brands for the best inspiration towards your aspiration to consistently build a brand in Kenya

  • Maintain Consistency across consumer touchpoints.

Your messaging, tone of voice, design language, promotions, & creative should be consistent across all your touchpoints:

  • website & social media channels
  • emails & texts
  • press
  • packaging

You want to build an identity, not just have a pretty face.

  • The desire to do right by the customer.

In the world of entrepreneurship, you’re always going for margin, but unhappy customers are costly mistakes.

Happy customer = you’ll get 3 new customers from the word of mouth.

Unhappy customer = damaged reputation, online reviews, etc.

  • A clear purpose within someone’s day or life.

If you’re not built into a routine or making someone’s life better, you’ll have a hard time selling. Solve a problem people experience daily & you’ll always be in business.

There are exceptions (i.e., JUDY emergency kits).

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