Why Choose Our VSAT Satellite internet connection  in Nigeria ?


In many remote areas and Nigeria’s cities, an internet connection for company, NGO, Embassies, any project, etc… is non-existent, unreliable or too slow to be able to work properly. This is the reason we introduced the most affordable and reliable VSAT Satellite Internet connection in Nigeria

VSAT Satellite Internet in Tanzania

                                                                  VSAT Satellite Internet in Nigeria

LinkUp Limited,an ISP offering Business VSAT Services in Nigeria has been operating for more than 20 years throughout Africa. We have a great experience of what is necessary locally to work, most recently with the intensive use of Video-Conferencing and online Meeting.


LinkUp Limited is a satellite internet and  Business Vsat services provider in Nigeria as well as Turnkey solutions for Nigeria.

We are a fast and reliable Satellite Internet provider in Nigeria with a lot of excellent references over East Africa and  Africa in general

We offer :

  • * Highly reliable connectivity;
  • * Excellent protection against cyber-attacks;
  • * Perfect management of your internet applications;
  • * Optimization of these applications related to your business during working hours;
  • * Speed is doubled during off-peak time, to enjoy leisure internet usage on evening and weekend time;
  • * Real solutions for remote sites, offices and housing located on offices’ sites.

Our company reputation is well established; we have been present in Africa and the Middle East only in satellite telecommunications for 20 years without any change of objectives!

Looking for a fixed, portable, mobile or maritime satellite communication (VSAT) solution for Nigeria? We have the solution and you may trust us!


Why Choose Our  Services in Nigeria


  • Reliability & Stability
    • SLA of 99.99% satellite and teleport availability, plus fibers
  • Service & Capacity
    • LinkUp Business Vsat Service is able to offer you a satellite link directly from fiber in Europe with a maximum capacity of 50 Mbps; from 1 Mbps and, tailor-made, up to 450 Mbps.
    • Our services are unlimited (important), no plan with limited volume (volume based).
  • Security Privacy
    • Your data is protected and confidential in accordance with European data privacy laws.
  • Reliability
    • Our equipment are all tested and “aged” several weeks before delivery.
    • All equipment are fully configured and programmed before shipment.
    • Thus, reducing the probability of any breakdowns, related to electronic components and “youth” diseases, to almost zero.
  • Independent
    • Free from government intervention.
    • Your communications are completely independent from your country.
  • Cyber Security
    • Our satellite links are fully protected at the teleport where our operations against computer attacks are located.
  • Assistance
    • Free remote support and online help 7/7.
  • Advantage
    • A single supplier – hardware, service and connectivity without any third parties.
  • Extra :
    • We are the operator; we are the source of service production, thus better prices since no third party.

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